13 Jan 2012

NS2 Gathers

Recently, Duplex member Swalk started a forum thread in which he sought to provide a framework for people to play in competitive, but impromptu 6 v 6 games.

The response from the community was very, very enthusiastic. The result of the thread was the European Natural Selection League has set up an NS2 gather system on their website.

Get in their and blast some Skulks
It's super easy to use. Just create an account, sign in, go to the gather page and select 'click here to join gather.' You'll then be put in the 'Signed Up' box, and can start voting on Server and Map.

You don't need to be European, there are US servers active as well!

Swalk has also set up a Steam group called 'Match Box.' Join up to receive notifications of impending 6 v 6's that you can join.

If you are interested in playing focused, intense 6 v 6's, both these tools are for you!

Duplex Steam page

This article was produced based on community tip offs to news@ns2hd.com. If you've got community news you would like posted on ns2hd.com, shoot off an email!


  1. I'm a nub to the gather system. It seems simple enough, but one aspect i don't understand is using TeamSpeak. Is this for voice communication? What's wrong with the ingame voice chat system? Just wondering, any help would be appreciated.

  2. Your ensl link is missing /gathers/ from the url.

  3. Correct Matt, it's for voice communication. This way you can talk w/o being in the game. I wish they'd use Mumble instead as it's much better than TeamSpeak.

  4. We did use Mumble ages ago but it had usability problems. Teamspeak 3 works fine, it may not have the cutting edge low latency but its easy to install, customizable and works.

  5. As said above one of the URL's is not the right one: "NS2 gather system".
    My bad, gave you the wrong link, here is the right one: