4 Mar 2012

Gorge and Onos Love

The Onos kills Marines. The Gorge wins games. That is a universal truth of NS2. Like every Alien class, the Onos and Gorge are uniquely powerful but incapable of winning a game on their own. Together, they form a potent team.

By running behind an Onos, and communicating via voice chat, a Gorge can keep the big Gorilla alive for a significantly longer time. The relationship is similar to that of a Medic and Heavy in Team Fortress 2.

Martin 'Kouji' Borgman has provided this helpful screenshot, to illustrate the Medic/Heavy combination, and how it relates to the Gorge/Onos combination.



  1. Got your TF2 image ready in Campfire Hugh :P

  2. Typically when you've got an Onos, you really want to have a Fade in the battle with you at all times. If it's just you, a Gorge and a couple Skulks, those who are smart will focus that Gorge down and then finish you and the skulks off. You really have to have a Fade in there beating people down to take full advantage of an assault like that.