14 Mar 2012

That Australian is a spy!

Now that I am actually in the UWE office, my err, out look on NS2 has changed. Here's my new view, next to Engine Programmer Dushan:

The D man was not happy about me muscling in on his view.
What this means is that NS2HD video can become hugely rich with real content, straight from the office. Obviously, I'm totally biased now, because I actually work for UWE. Until now, I had never recieved a dime from UWE and NS2HD could be considered pretty independent. 

Just because I have entered the lions den, doesn't mean NS2HD has to become redundant. At night, outside office hours, I still want to make the NS2HD videos you guys want. So while it will not be 'independent,' it will be 'unofficial.'

Spy in plain view.
The UWE office is nice and open. Everyone can overhear everyone. So during the day, I pick up on what is happening in the game. Through NS2HD, I'm going to try to distil what is going on and bring it to you in 'Podcast with gameplay' form. Of course, I love getting all your feedback, and will bring you what you suggest and want.

Tonight should be the first 'podcast with gameplay' - Tune in around 9pm PST (That's how you say Californian time in the United States, right?) for the first dollop of insider information.


  1. Congratulations :)
    Looking forward to the new "richer" content!

  2. All the inside goss like when Brian has a bad beard day
    Charlie:"oh Brian, it's got twigs in it"
    Everyone:*scooby gang laughter*

  3. What is that cube shaped monstrosity next to the desk?

    1. Judging from the pipes it looks like a watercooled pc.

  4. Very awesome :) Looking forward to some great inside news. Keep on the good work!

  5. Congratulations, you must be pretty haps!